Tampa women loses weight with gastric band hypnosis (without actual surgery)

TAMPA – In a 2011 story reported by ABC Action News, a Florida Woman is now 30 pounds light – and a couple of pants sizes smaller – thanks to “virtual gastric band hypnosis.”

Debbie Mainger, told ABC news: “I was morbidly obese — more than 100 pounds over my healthy weight.”

Tampa Woman - Gastric bypass hypnosis

Like many overweight women, Debbie had tried, and failed, at many different diets. She said that she intellectually knew what she should be doing – “Obese people know more about what we are supposed to be eating than most people” but she was not able to significantly change her eating habits.

When her medical issues became overwhelming, she even considered gastric bypass surgery!

According to Ms. Mainger: ” I wasn’t diabetic but I was certainly going to be. My blood pressure was too high. My cholesterol was getting up there. I definitely would qualify for it, and I did consider it, but it scared me. That is major, major

That’s when she heard about virtual gastric band hypnosis, a cutting edge approach that has been used in Europe for years and is newer to the United States.

She found a local hypnotherapist who helped her. Her therapist described her approach this way: “I guide people into the hypnotic state and I simulate the actual bariatric surgery, so when the person comes out they feel as if their actual stomach is smaller.”

One thing that hypnosis is so effective for is involving the imagination to help change experience, beliefs, and habits. To Debbie the “virtual surgery” seemed real. “I actually tasted the anesthesia,” said Debbie. Afterwards, she said she had none of the pain after surgery but what she expects would have been the results.

Hypnosis helped Debbie lose weight by giving her a new outlook on things and feeling fuller with less food. In other words, she was able to eat less without feeling hungry: “After just five or six bites of somethingm you’re satisfied, which
was amazing to me because I could eat a lot.”

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