Nigella Lawson Turns to Hypnosis for Weight Loss

Celebrity chef Nigella Lawson, long known for her curvy beauty, has a new trimmer look these days.  As a chef, TV persona and author, she is well known for her love of food and that contributed to her weight gain.

Nigella, 53, has now come out and explained how she lost the weight and she said there were several factors that helped her lose the weight. One of the surprising keys to her weight loss, was the use of hypnosis.

Nigella said she decided she needed to lose a few pounds but wanted to continue to be able to eat the foods she loves. People close to Nigella know that she enjoys eating and would not be willing to sacrifice eating a dull diet just to keep thin.

A source told Now Magazine: ’She will never compromise on epicurean delight for the sake of her waistline and isn’t the kind of woman to survive on rice cakes and cottage cheese….but she wanted to lose a few pounds, and decided hypnotherapy would mean she could still eat her favorite foods – but in smaller sizes.’

 Amazing Before and After Photos of Nigella Lawson’s dramatic weight loss

Nigella Lawson - before and after

Nigella reportedly worked with Susan Hepburn, a British hypnotherapist, to help her lose weight with hypnosis. The hypnosis included getting Ms. Lawson into a relaxed state of consciousness and then reinforcing the idea of smaller and controlled meals.

Part of her hypnotherapy process for weight loss included keeping a diary of what she eating and noting her healthy choices. In this age of social media, she turned to social media so she could share her progress in real time with her fans, tweeting pictures of her meals via her twitter account.

Many other celebrities, including Lily Allen,  have also reported using hypnosis to lose weight.


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