Georgia’s Story – Losing 20+ Pounds using Hypnosis

She Tried Using Hypnosis for Weight Loss – did it work?

Georgia’s Weight Loss With Hypnosis

Many people still think of hypnosis as a “party trick” that is used to make people do funny things like act like chickens on stage. But hypnosis has many applications in behavioral change to help people make healthier behavioral changes and manage their habits.

Weight loss is naturally a topic of interest to many people and hypnosis has
been used to help people lose weight.

Recently Shape magazine had a story about someone who lost weight by incorporating

Georgia, a 28 year old woman, wanted to lose the 30+ pounds
she had put on following a 2009 foot surgery. She had a lot of
experience with dieting in her past, but this time Georgia turned to hypnosis.

Previously she had used hypnosis to help her overcome her fear of flying so
she knew that hypnosis could help her and she was hoping it would help her
make “fundamental changes” to her habits.

Also, it’s important to note that Georgia is a foodie – she LOVES food and
even has a blog (Fabulous Food and Frolicking)  that focuses
on food!

Needless to say, given her interest in food, she was going to be a
very challenging test case.

Could hypnosis really help a “foodie” blogger  like Georgia lose weight?

She went to a hypnotherapist who gave her four general principles to follow
and they met for about 8 sessions over the course of one year – not much time
in the scope of things.

Georgia saw measureable improvements – “The weight dropped off slowly
and surely, without huge changes to my lifestyle. I was still eating out
numerous times a week, but often sending plates back with food on them! For
the first time ever, I was really tasting my food, spending time to take in
flavours and textures. Almost ironically, it was as if I had recommended my
love affair with food…only I was able to lose weight doing so.”

One of the common myths about hypnosis is that you feel “weird” or “out of control” while being hypnotized.

As Georgia said “Under hypnosis I always feel very lucid and still in control.”

Georgia has maintained her weight loss for the two years since she started, and occasionally does a hypnosis refresher session.

As she said “Overall, I found hypnotherapy to be a great way of readjusting my habits and really enjoyed the flexibility and inherent “sensibleness” of the whole approach.”

Original source: Shape Magazine



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